Rasmus Siversten | Norway | 2016 | 75 min. | Spanish

Rasmus Sivertsen (Two Buddies and a Badger) is back with a stop motion musical full of action, colour and humour, an adaptation of the Norwegian  classic from the ‘50s by Thorbjorn Egner: a book that later became a successful radio serial, for which Egner himself composed songs that we will hear in this film. The forest of Huckybucky is a happy place but the smallest animals are always anxious because of the threat from predators like Marvin the fox. Everyone’s patience runs out when Horace the hedgehog tries to eat grandma mouse. Morten the little mouse, the juiciest, proposes a new law: from now on, all the inhabitants of the forest will be friends and no one can eat anyone. But will Marvin be able to stick to that? 

Direction: Rasmus A. Sivertsen
Script: Karsten Fullu
Cinematography: Morten Skallerud, Janne K. Hansen
Music: Katzenjammer, Gaute Storås
Sound: Tormod Ringnes, Baard Haugan Ingebretsen
Production: Ove Heiborg, Elisabeth Opdal, Eirik Smidesang Slåen

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