Alessandro Comodin

Alessandro Comodin | Italy, France | 2016 | 102 min. | O.V. Italian with English and Spanish subtitles

Two youths survive in the forest in a semi-wild state; years later, in that same forest, a young woman, Ariane, finds a hole in the ground (perhaps a passageway to another dimension) and she goes into it. Meanwhile, an old legend about a woman and wolf is heard in the valley. Is Ariane that woman, in a land where wolves have an almost human appearance? A film-dream that stirs the imagination and traps it between its greenery and its chiaroscuro.
Direction: Alessandro Comodin
Script: Alessandro Comodin, Milena Magnani
Cinematography: Tristan Bordmann
Editing: João Nicolau, Alessandro Comodin
Music: Drache, Dupap
Sound: Mirko Guerra, Félix Blume
Cast: Sabrina Seveycou, Erikas Sizonovas, Luca Bernardi, Marco Giordana, Carlo Rigoni
Production: Adriano Bassi

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