Peter Stray | Benjamin Barfoot

Peter Stray | Benjamin Barfoot

Concocted, prepared and presented by the illustrious Paco Campano, David Linde and Rubén Hernández, this ration of bloodied popcorn brings us a finger-licking double session, where as well as being able to shout and laugh during the screening, there will be a buffet with cool beer and with rock'n roll and shit garage by Branquias Johnson live from the swamp.


Peter Stray | Reino Unido | 2017 | 80 min.

Alien invasions never go out of fashion. This intergalactic invasion by extraterrestrials in raincoats (they’re in Wales) arrives in a timely way on New Year’s Eve. And instead of Will Smith in Independence Day, we’ll have a group of Welsh drunks facing the attack. 

Benjamin Barfoot | Reino Unido | 2017 | 89 min.

Jim, awkward with women, is anxious to lose his virginity the night before his 30th birthday. With his friend Alex, who is more confident, he manages to get a date with two luscious sisters. Except that they’re virgins too and have no intention of ceasing to be. They want to play much more macabre games with the boys.

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