Boris Lehman

Boris Lehman | Bélgica | 2016 | 97 min. V.O. en francés subtitulada en español

The legendary Belgian filmmaker Boris Lehman has spent decades classifying the elements of his life in neat, whimsical film/ boxes, like a collection of precious stones. An autobiographical inventory, a minute scrutiny of friendships, places, affections and objects in which the real Boris and the imagined Boris are now one. That is why, when he decides to put an end to this series started in 1983, he has no alternative but to “kill himself”. However, with a funeral where no expense is spared, in which he will choose every detail, including the coffin, in the liveliest, most humorous funeral ever seen.
Direction: Boris Lehman
Cinematography: Antoine-Marie Meert
Editing: Ariane Mellet
Sound: Jacques Dapoz, Luc Rémy
Cast: David Legrand (voice)

La sesión del 5 nov. a las 17:30 es de entrada libre. Recogida de invitaciones en taquilla desde dos días antes.

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