Ricardo Bofill | Spain | 1970 | 80 min. | O.V. Spanish

Ricardo Bofill (senior), as well as being the forward thinking architect that we know, directed this film: a hidden treasure from the Barcelona School, the Catalonian nouvelle vague. And here we link it with Ayudar al ojo humano, by Velasco Broca and Canódromo Abandonado, in its formal schizophrenia regarding the act of creation. Schizo is a “fictitious report on the architecture of the brain”, a psychodrama closely related to the practices of the Architecture Workshop, between the theatre and the mental home (as a metaphor for society), in which a series of characters stage anxieties and collective desire.
Direction: Ricardo Bofill 
Cinematography: Juan Amorós, Hans Burmann
Cast: Serena Vergano, Modesto Fernández, Marcelo Rubal
Production: Ricardo Bofill

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