Teresa Villaverde | Portugal, France | 2017 | 136 min. | O.V. Portuguese with English and Spanish subtitles

Teresa Villaverde, a reference in Portuguese cinema (from the generation of Pedro Costa and Manuel Mozos), presented Colo in the Official Section at the Berlinale. This film about a family is based on the lack of relations between its members instead of on its troubles.  The adolescent daughter always running away, playing truant or staying out at night, the mother always absent working double shifts and the unemployed father spending days in the sun, make up this fractured family photo, in which we follow the events through which each one drifts away from the others and escapes to his or her routine and, in passing, from reality. A portrait of the crisis that shies away from drama and despair. A vision in which the social is the starting point towards the intimate. 
Direction: Teresa Villaverde
Script: Teresa Villaverde
Cinematography: Acácio de Almeida
Editing: Rodolphe Molla
Sound: Vasco Pimentel
Cast: João Pedro Vaz, Alice Albergaria Borges, Beatriz Batarda
Production: Teresa Villaverde

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