Thierry Michel, Pascal Colson

Thierry Michel & Pascal Colson | Belgium | 2017 | 100 min.

We visit a class of 16 pupils and their teacher in the crucial year before they enter the tricky waters of high school. In a former mining town, in a school with positive discrimination, the children of immigrant families talk with unusual frankness about their view of the world under the eye and response of their lively teacher. The voice of a new generation is raised, calling urgently for a new form of education. Because they are about to move on to the classrooms from Cantet’s The Class, to do battle with a changing world, leaving behind the protective shell of primary school.

Dirección: Thierry Michel & Pascal Colson
Guión: Christine Pireaux, Thierry Michel & Pascal Colson
Montaje: Idriss Gabel
Sonido: Sébastien Dewalque
Producción: Christine Pireaux & Thierry Michel


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