Juan Belmonte and his family | Spain | 1928 - 1961 | 30 min. aprox.

The family film archive of the bullfighter Juan Belmonte (Seville 1892-Utrera 1962), recovered in 2015 thanks to the collaboration of his grandchildren Javier Beca Belmonte and Yolanda Arango Belmonte, consists of various reels filmed between 1928 and 1961, with a total running time of approximately 120 minutes. The archive represents an extraordinary document that includes some of the famous bullfighter’s key moments and includes the presence of various celebrities of the time, such as the writer and journalist Ramón Pérez de Ayala and the Hollywood star Esther Williams. The recovery, digitalization and research of this very special historic document has been carried out by the Filmoteca de Andalucía in collaboration with the Centre for Research in Media and Cultural Studies (CRMCS) at the University of Sunderland (United Kingdom) and with the Fundación de Estudios Taurinos (Seville).

Intervienen: Juan Belmonte, Julia Cossío de Pomar, Ramón Pérez de Ayala, Fernando Gillis Mercet, Blanca Belmonte, Yolanda Belmonte, Felipe Cossío de Pomar Román Cossío de Pomar, Esther Williams 
Montaje: Ramón Benítez, Luis Javier Montalegre
Música: Dexter Britain
Producción: Ramón Benítez, Luis Javier Montalegre

Proyección en la FUNDACIÓN CRISTINA HEEREN. Viernes 10 a las 19:00 h. Entrada libre hasta completar aforo.

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