David Moreau | France, Belgium | 2017 | 90 min. | O.V. French with English subtitles

Who hasn’t dreamed at some time of a world without adults? Leila, 16, wakes late yet again. Except today there is no one waking here: her parents have disappeared. And so has everyone in the city. Just when she thinks she’s the only survivor of a catastrophe she meets four other adolescents: Dodji, Yvan, Camille and Terry.  What at first is exciting gradually becomes a struggle for survival that will lead them to do things they had never imagined. But, are they really alone? An adaptation by David Moreau (Them) of the comic Alone by Fabien Vehlmann and Bruno Gassoti.

Direction: David Moreau
Script: David Moreau, Guillaume Moulin
Cinematography: Nicolas Loir
Sound: Nicolas Provost, Gwennole Le Borgne, Dominique Gaborieau
Cast: Thomas Doret, Stéphane Bak, Sofia Lesaffre, Jean-Stan du Pac, Kim Lockhart, Paul Scarfoglio
Production: Abel Nahmias

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