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Dane Komljen

Dane Komljen | Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro | 2016 | 100 min. | O.V. Serbo-Croatian with English and Spanish subtitles

Two men live amidst the ruins of an abandoned Yugoslav holiday complex: a dreamlike landscape of ruins devoured by the forest, which we see through magnetic framings, bathed in an almost supernatural light. A universe apart, a political and amorous utopia floating in suspended time, as if the world around had disappeared. One day, a stranger appears, threatening to alter the rare balance of that parallel reality. The powerful debut of the Bosnian Dane Komljen, whose short films have been shown at festivals such as Rotterdam, Locarno and FIDMarseille. 
Direction: Dane Komljen
Script: Dane Komljen
Cinematography: Ivan Marković
Editing: Dane Komljen, Natasa Damnjanovic
Sound: Igor Čamo, Simon Apostolou, Jakov Munižaba
Cast: Boban Kaluđer, Boris Isaković, Dane Komljen
Production: Nataša Damnjanović, Vladimir Vidić, Amra Bakšić-Čamo ,Adis Đapo, Bojana Radulović, Zoran Galić

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