Carlo Padial | Spain | 2017 | 90 min. | O.V. Spanish with English subtitles

Maybe we have to learn another way to laugh, maybe we’ve reached the limit of humour. That’s what Berto Romero believes. He stars along with Miguel Noguera and Carlos Areces in the new film from Carlo Padial (Taller Capuchoc): we need something really heavy, lots of CGI, something new and different. Amidst the green screens of this film, which is in turn its own making of, the definitive comedy is being shot, the one that will change everything, the final frontier. Padial laughs at everything and everyone, starting with himself, going beyond post-humour to dive headfirst into meta-comedy.

Direction: Carlo Padial
Script: Carlo Padial, Berto Romero
Cinematography: Diego Dussuel
Editing: Iker Insausti
Music: Javier Rodero
Sound: Agost Alustiza
Cast: Berto Romero, Carlo Padial, Carlos Areces, Carolina Bang, Javier Botet, Miguel Noguera
Production: Francisco Ramos, Javier Ruiz Caldera

El pase del 4 de nov. a las 09:00h es para Acreditados. No está a la venta. Sí canjeable con abono.

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