Thierry de Peretti

Thierry de Peretti | France | 2017 | 107 min. | O.V. in French with Spanish and English subtitles

In the clamor of the Corsican liberation movement, the underground movement fosters dangerous games in which terrorism and the mafia coincide, in a fight to the death for independence. In this climate, Stéphane goes to Paris, fleeing from his past in those conflicts. The death of a former comrade brings back memories of how in the ‘90s he went from being a middle class youth with aspirations to becoming radicalized and turning his life into a constant persecution. He has to decide whether to go to the funeral or not, a dilemma that could cost him his life, in a film that premiered in the Directors’ Fortnight at Cannes.
Direction: Thierry de Peretti
Script: Thierry de Peretti, Guillaume Bréaud
Cinematography: Claire Mathon
Editing: Marion Monnier
Sound: Martin Boissau, Thomas Robert, Stéphane Thiébaut, Victor Praud
Cast: Jean Michelangeli, Henri-Noël Tabary, Cédric Appietto, Marie-Pierre Nouveau, Délia Sepulcre-Nativi
Production: Frédéric Jouve, Marie Lecoq

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