Jonas Carpignano | Italy, France, Germany, Sweden | 2017 | 120 min. | O.V. Italian with English and Spanish subtitles

Martin Scorsese presents A Ciambra. In the gypsy community of A Ciambra, a world without law, the family comes first. That is how Pio, 14, sees it. His (terrible) role model is his brother Cosimo. When Cosimo goes to prison, Pio sees the chance to prove his manhood by providing for the family in dangerous ways. But being an adult has a much higher price than he imagines. In a kind of spin off of Mediterranea, Carpignano dazzles with this film of initiation that becomes a real emotional steamroller. It won the Europa Cinemas Label award in Cannes.
Direction: Jonas Carpignano
Script: Jonas Carpignano
Cinematography: Tim Curtin
Editing: Affonso Gonçalves
Music: Dan Romer
Sound: Giuseppe Tripodi
Cast: Pio Amato, Koudous Seihon, Iolanda Amato, Damiano Amato 
Production: Martin Scorsese (executive producer), Jon Coplon, Paolo Carpignano, Ryan Zacarias, Gwyn Sannia, Rodrigo Teixeira, Marc Schmidheiny, Cristoph Daniel.

El pase del 7 de nov. a las 17:00h es para Acreditados. No está a la venta. Sí canjeable con abono.

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