Hong Sang-soo

The latest Korean delight (with a French flavour) from Hong Sang-soo, who has again chosen Isabelle Huppert as his protagonist, has the Cannes Festival not only as background, but as a fitting, ambivalent setting for talking about whether cinema is capable or not of changing people’s lives. Manhee, who has just been fired in the middle of a business trip, bumps into Claire, a teacher who goes around the city taking Polaroids (and if you are photographed in one of them you will never be the same again). A mutual understanding is forged, behind the glamour and confusion of the festival.

Direction: Hong Sangsoo
Script: Hong Sangsoo
Cinematography: Lee Jinkeun
Editing: Hahm Sungwon
Music: Dalpalan
Sound: Kim Mir
Cast: Isabelle Huppert, Kim Minhee, Chang Mihee, Jung Jinyoung, Yoon Heesun, Lee Wanmin
Production: Kang Taeu

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