'Body', 'Lobster' and 'The Thousand and One Nights', first EFA Awards

'Body', 'Lobster' and 'The Thousand and One Nights', first EFA Awards

Wednesday 28 de October 2015

The films Body, Lobster and The Thousand and One Nights, which are part of the Seville Festival programme, were recognized by the European Film Academy (EFA) in the first awards announced as an advance on those to be be announced on 7th November as part of the SEFF. A special EFA jury has announced the winners of the European Film Awards in six technical categories: Best Photography for Goodnight Mommy; Best Editing for Body; Best Production Design for The brand new testament; Best Wardrobe for Langosta; Best Original Music for The Duke of Burgundy; and Best Sound for the trilogy Las mil y una noches. Three of these films (five, if we count Miguel Gomes’ triptych) can be seen as national premieres at the SEFF, and another was shown at last year’s edition (Goodnight Mommy, which was part of the section Focus Europa: Austria).

Body (EFA Selection), the film with which the Polish Director Malgorzata Szumowska won the Best Director Award at the Berlinale, has won the Best Editing award at the EFA Awards. As the jury stressed, the editing by Jacek Drosio "is an excepional example of playful precision. Backed up by a brilliant humour, the editing uses the multifacted imagination of photography to create a space dedicated to each character. Drosion allows us to pause, he intensifies the rhythm when necessary and changes perspectives to compose a splendid narrative that brings together all the pain and nostalgia together".

Lobster (Official Section), the latest film from Yorgos Lanthimos (Canino) a triple winner at the Cannes Festival and starring Colin Farrell and Rachel Weisz, won the European Film Award for Best Wardrobe Design. The work by Sarah Blenkinsop has been recognised for its use of color and form "in a marvellous way to paint each frame of the film. The wardrobe design helps us be aware of the director’s vision, as each element worn by the actors has its own recognizable story".

The EFA also wanted to award with Best Sound the work by Vasco Pimentel and Miguel Martins in the trilogy The Thousand and One Nights (Official Section), the long awaited work by the Portuguese director Miguel Gomes (Tabú). Speaking about the sound design in the three episodes, the jury stressed its "strong identity, which combines the documentary and fiction styles. Each sound sequence develops an original viewpoint close to the narrative. The result is brilliant poetry, full of life and audacity".


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