Pablo Coca

Pablo Coca | 2014 | Spain, Sweden, France, Belgium, United Kingdom | 71 min. | V.O. Spanish, Swedish and English subtitled in Spanish and English

A documentary that takes in investigation, testimony and denunciation, Una amenaza invisible doesn’t dogmatize beyond where questions cannot be answered, but it does appeal to more than reasonable doubt. With a crushing weight of information, it points out those failings in which the economic macropowers and their myths (here, technological progress) wash their hands of their responsibility. Making visible what, out of interest, remains invisible (hence the title) is the final strategy. And, for this, it isn’t enough to show parties and judges, implicated experts and evasive managers with clean hands. There is also a certain irony in the presentation (those initial images of news reports at the height of the Cold War) or a certain formal emphasis (interference as a transitional recourse, for example) in which the directors fortunately do risk a thesis. 

Direction: Pablo Coca

Script: Pablo Coca, Carlos Crespo Arnold, Antonio Gallardo

Cinematography: Fran Fernández

Editing: Carlos Crespo Arnold

Sound: Carlos Crespo Arnold, José Tomé

Production: Paz Cadaval 

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