Adán Aliaga y David Valero

Adán Aliaga and David Valero | Spain | 2014 | 98 min. | V.O. Spanish subtitled in English

Paco and Miguel, the “bear” and the “wolf”, are the animals dealt with in Aliaga and Valero’s particular Noah’s Ark, along with the “ostrich”, a woman who is beset by pains and constant fatigue. We are in the year 2020, when a terrible global crisis is ravaging the planet. Paco and Miguel, security guards on alternate shifts at a closed-down factory, lose their Jobs. That is why, on their pensive walks through deserted areas, they decide to use the bear’s manual skills. He usually makes sculptures and automatons in his spare time, but now they will build a machine to transport them far, far away from their problems.

Direction: Adán Aliaga, David Valero

Script: Adán Aliaga, David Valero

Editing: Adán Aliaga, David Valero, Aurora Sulli

Music: Vincent Barriere

Cast: Fran Gomis, Miguel Chillón, Alicia Santonja

Production: Miguel Molina, Juanjo Giménez, Luisa Romeo, Sergio Frade

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