Pere Vilà i Barceló

Pere Vilà i Barceló | Spain | 2014 | 90 min. | V.O. Catalan subtitled in Spanish and English

The grave to which this film’s title refers could be, as well as the recently found mass grave that sparks off the story, the metaphorical mass grave that holds the thousands of frustrations, sorrows and unfinished personal stories caused by the Spanish Civil War. When Josep, who is spending his final days in a geriatric home, hears the news on the radio about the appearance of a mass grave in the significant enclave of the Battle of the Ebro, he sets out on a journey that will take him, not only through the forests that hold the remains of the tragedy but also through the intricate nooks and crannies of his memory. Thus, in the midst of his adventure, he will relive the tough, intense re-encounter with the woman who was the love of his life after exile and the death of Franco.


Direction: Pere Vilà i Barcelò

Script: Pere Vilà i Barcelò, Laura Merino

Cinematography: Jose Luís Bernal

Editing: David Pérez Gimbernat

Sound: Nicolas Hermansen

Cast: Lluís Homar, Emma Vilarasau, Àlex Monner

Production: Pere Vilà i Barcelò

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