Jack Clayton

Jack Clayton | USA, United Kingdom | 1961 | 100 min. | V.O. English subtitled in Spanish

Cinema is perhaps one of the best mediums for materializing the supernatural. This is proven by Jack Clayton in The Innocents, where the narrative economy offers an efficient counterpoint to the (hair raising) richness of his use of image and sound. A fragile governess goes to a mansion in the English countryside to look after a pair of orphans. But the children don’t behave as would be expected, for strange invisible forces dominate everything that happens in the house. The sober, painstaking work with visual and sound depth of field allows this adaptation of The Turn of the Screw, by Henry James (with a script co-written by Truman Capote) to amplify its terrifying, hypnotic power.

Direction: Jack Clayton

Script: William Archibald, Truman Capote

Cinematography: Freddie Francis

Editing: Jim Clark

Music: Lambert Williamson

Sound: Buster Ambler, John Cox

Cast: Deborah Kerr, Peter Wyngarde, Megs Jenkins, Michael Redgrave

Production: Jack Clayton


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