Ángel Santos

Direction: Pere Vilà i Barcelò Script: Pere Vilà i Barcelò, Laura Merino Cinematography: Jose Luís Bernal Editing: David Pérez Gimbernat Sound: Nicolas Hermansen Cast: Lluís Homar, Emma Vilarasau, Àlex Monner Production: Pere Vilà i Barcelò

With a complex protagonist who is, at times, a challenge for the spectator as regards generating empathy, Las altas presiones combines in one sober story several themes which touch not only on things generational or existential, but also on the contemporary, regional and political. After living away from his native city for a long time due to work reasons, Miguel returns to Pontevedra to search for locations for a film. Looking at his life with a lack of interest that goes a step beyond melancholy or nihilism, he finds it hard to get involved in what is happening, or to establish relationships with those around him. Nevertheless, this journey through the industrial ruins of the ria and through what is left of old friendships will put him in touch with himself again, and this may be the wake-up call that he needs.


Direction: Ángel Santos

Script: Ángel Santos, Miguel Gil

Cinematography: Alberto Díaz Bertitxi (A.E.C.)

Editing: Fernando Franco

Music: Unicornibot

Sound: Xavier López Souto

Cast: Andrés Gertrúdix, Itsaso Arana, Diana Gómez, Juan Blanco

Production: Daniel Froiz

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