Nils Malmros

Nils Malmros | 2013 | Denmark | 107 min. | V.O. Danish subtitled in Spanish and English

The film begins with a disconcerting incident, like a stunning blow. Johannes, a filmmaker, returns home after giving a lecture out of the city and is met by terrible news: his wife Signe, a schoolteacher, has stabbed their nine-month old baby to death. From this moment, Johannes will try to put together the pieces of the puzzle of his life with Signe, trying to understand what has happened. Between the detective-like investigation and the descent into the hell of an exhaustive examination of conscience, this autobiographical story reveals the complexity of the human mind and the possibilities for reconstruction that lie behind even the barest terrain.

Direction: Nils Malmros

Cinematography: Jan Weincke

Editing: Birger Møller Jensen

Sound: Jan Juhler

Cast: Jakob Cedergren, Helle Fagralid, Ida Dwinger, Kristian Halken

Production: Thomas Heinesen


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