Ester Martin Bergsmark

Ester Martin Bergsmark | Sweden | 2014 | 81 min. | V.O. Swedish subtitled in Spanish and English

In tackling transgender issues that are too often ignored, but without neglecting the construction of a love story with well-defined nuances and problems –full of energy and adolescent fits of passion– Something Must Break continues the explorations which Ester Martin Bergsmark began in the non-fiction She Male Snails. Saga Becker plays Sebastien/Ellie, a magnetic androgynous creature with a feminine fragility and a masculine genetic condition, who falls in love, in dangerous circumstances, with Andreas, a heterosexual boy. The immediate understanding and the sparks that fly between them during impassioned nights of escapades together culminate in a relationship that presents many problems for both.For Andreas, that of accepting his love, not exempt of sexuality, with respect to society and himself. And for Ellie, the difficult task of accepting herself as she is.


Direction: Ester Martin Bergsmark

Script: Ester Martin Bergsmark

Cinematography: Lisabi Fridell, Minka Jakerson

Editing: Ester Martin Bergsmark

Cast: Saga Becker, Iggy Malmborg, Shima Niavarani, Mattias Åhlén

Production: Anna-Maria Kantarius


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