Heinz Emigholz

Heinz Emigholz | Shorts

"Imaginary architecture in time"

As Emigholz himself has said on more than one occasion, his main reason for making films it to battle with time: “produce small portions of time and reunite them” and, with this “construct an imaginary architecture in time”. The human measure is always present in a thought like this, the look and the emotional connection with space and with things. And, in battling with time, Emigholz is also battling with the very nature of cinema and the photographic image, its role in the world and how that three dimensional world is represented on the flat surface of the screen. Regarding space, Emigholz says: “What interests me is the ability or inability of architecture to design and situate spaces in relation to the mind and the human body. I have always perceived space as something 
complicated. The internal space of my own body and the external space in which I must move. […] 

It took me almost forty years to find a balance. My films have probably helped me in this”


Sullivan’s Banks

Heinz Emigholz | Germany | 2000 | 38 min. | Without dialogues


Maillart’s Bridges

Heinz Emigholz | Germany | 2001 | 24 min. | Without dialogues


Two Projects By Frederick Kiesler

Heinz Emigholz | Austria, Germany | 2009 | 16 min. | Without dialogues

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