Heinz Emigholz

Heinz Emigholz | Germany | 2006 | 99 min. | V.O. German subtitled in Spanish


"Schindler’s Houses shows forty buildings by the Austro-American architect Rudolph Schindler from the years 1931 to 1952. Schindler’s pioneering work in Southern California is the cornerstone of a branch of modern architecture. The film is thus also an up-to-date portrait of urban life in Los Angeles that has never been documented in this form before.“For Schindler, America and its possibilities became reality in California. He could set off on his own path, if we ignore the obstacles the International Style put in his way”. (Interview: Stefanie Schulte Strathaus, Berlin, January 2008).

Direction: Heinz Emigholz

Cinematography: Heinz Emigholz

Editing: Heinz Emigholz

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