Manutrillo | Spain | 2014 | 59 min. | V.O. Spanish and Arabic subtitled in Spanish

The great socio-economic metastories have imposed for centuries the idea that life is defined by work. And since the days of Grierson, Wright and other pioneers, the documentary that follows the conditions and rituals of work has managed to show extraordinary portraits of life on the screen. Quivir is in the best of this tradition: sufficient distance (or nearness), investment of time and a third element that was also present among the British pioneers: interest in the presence of nature almost as a character, beyond its consideration as a space where the action is filmed. In this case, the cork workers in the south of Spain and the north of Morocco, portrayed by the extraordinary photographic vision of Manu Trillo, also achieve something beautiful: they show up the fragility of borders, physical or otherwise. 

Direction: Manutrillo

Script: Agustín Coca, Manutrillo

Cinematography: Manutrillo

Editing: Mercedes Cantero

Music: Antonio López (Eldespojo)

Sound: Carlos Pérez Valero, Juan Egoscozábal, Alejandro Escutia

Production: Manutrillo


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