María Barroso y Ricardo de Gracia

María Barroso, Ricardo de Gracia | Spain | 2014 | V.O. Spanish

Asperger’s Syndrome is also known as “the wrong planet syndrome”. So delving into it is like exploring a remote territory. As the psychologist Pilar G. Borreguero admits at the start of the documentary, one isn’t prepared biologically to feel as a person diagnosed with Asperger’s feels. There is something in this film of those many other works which have tackled that beautiful human endeavour of trying to understand things that are different. I’m thinking, for example, of Land of Silence and Darkness, by Herzog. Here the documentary interview format alternates our internal vision with the external. And the challenge, to get close to the limit of what this disorder means, to feel it in order to recognize it, fulfills the impossible expectation. We have a better understanding of what we’re talking about when we talk about Asperger’s.

Direction: Ricardo de Gracia, María Barroso

Script: Ricardo de Gracia, María Barroso

Editing: Rebeca Sáez de Jubera, Abián Molina

Sound: Álvaro López Arregui

Production: Roberto Butragueño, Manuel Calvo

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