Carlos Rivero y Alonso Valbuena

Carlos Rivero and Alonso Valbuena | Spain | 2014 | 86 min. | V.O. Latin subtitled in Spanish

In the 16th century there was a terrible fire in the Monastery of Santa María in the Sierra de Hornachuelos, in Cordoba. The Spanish monk Felipe de Hornachuelos and the Portuguese friar Ricardo Da Olivenza were victims of the fire, just like all the servants of God who were living there. Now the two are condemned to wander for all eternity in a purgatory with a striking, harsh landscape. And while one is resigned to his fate, the other tries desperately to redeem himself. But, despite everything, their wandering may lead them to a destination.

Direction: Carlos Rivero, Alonso Valbuena

Cinematography: Víctor Cabrera

Editing: Hilario Abad

Music: Mihaly Vig

Sound: Arturo Fuillerat

Cast: Javier Villarín, Francisco Cantalejo, Ana Saurel, Ángel Lázaro

Production Company: OuterCinema 


Out of competition.

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