Gonzalo García-Pelayo

Gonzalo García Pelayo | Spain | 2014 | 71 min. | V.O. Spanish subtitled in English

With the camera on a level with the little girls, and in close contact with them, García Pelayo delves into the mysterious universe of (female) childhood, its stories and its games. In part a family portrait, and in part an allegory of the cycles of life (represented by the different generations of women who make up this horde of mothers, grandmothers, grandchildren and nieces), Niñas also reveals that delicate, indefinable moment when a child ceases to be a child. For the distinctive, colourful personalities of García Pelayo’s girls will flourish to become generators of life in the future.


Direction: Gonzalo García-Pelayo

Script: Carmen Barroso, Vicente Monroy, Ricardo Adalia, Marta Bassols, Vanessa García-Pelayo

Cinematography: José Enrique Izquierdo

Sound: Vicente Monroy

Cast: Lydia García-Pelayo, Pilar González, Paula Legísima, Manuela Hernández

Production: Javier García-Pelayo

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