Frederick Wiseman

Frederick Wiseman | France, EE.UU., United Kingdom | 2014 | 180 min. | V.O. English subtitled in Spanish

A key director in the history of documentary, Frederick Wiseman has ventured more than anyone into the workings of institutions, revealing the cogs of the most varied social mechanisms. The prison, the hospital, the police, the insane asylum and the meat industry, for example, but also the Paris Opera ballet or, on this occasion, the National Gallery. Wiseman minutely peels away all that is behind what the visitor sees, in a unique opportunity to learn the details of one of the most important art galleries in the world, one that houses in its collection the essential artistic legacy of humanity from the 13th to the 19th century. A vision that, in its purity, reveals much more than what is obvious.


Direction: Frederick Wiseman

Cinematography: John Davey

Editing: Frederick Wiseman

Sound: Emmanuel Croset

Production: Frederick Wiseman, Pierre-Olivier Bardet


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