Mike Leigh

Mike Leigh | United Kingdom | 2014 | 149 min. | V.O English subtitled in Spanish

Mike Leigh’s Mr. Turner deals with twenty five years in the life of William Turner, one of the greatest English painters of all times. A genius of light and a precursor of Impressionism, Turner was misunderstood in his day. In addition, he had a very complex, disorganized life, with visits to brothels, travels in search of inspiration and an indolent relationship with his mistress, all while he continued to live with his father.When the latter died, Turner fell into a deep depression and isolated himself by the sea. There he met Mrs. Booth, who ran the family boarding house where he was staying, and who was to change the course of things.


Direction: Mike Leigh

Script: Mike Leigh

Cinematography: Dick Pope

Editing: Jon Gregory

Music: Gary Yershon

Sound: Tim Fraser

Cast: Timothy Spall, Lee Ingleby, Lesley Manville, Richard Bremmer

Production: Georgina Lowe

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