Robert Bresson

Robert Bresson | France | 1967 | 81 min. | V.O. French subtitled in Spanish

Mouchette has everything required to be a victim: dire poverty, a dying mother, a baby brother she has to look after, an alcoholic father and the scorn of all the children and adults in the overpious, hypocritical rural community where she lives. Even so, her silent fierceness and her resistance to be what others want her to be (a pleasant, submissive child who hides her misery) make her into a strangely dignified character. It is only in Nature that she can calm her adolescent torments and ardor, and that is the setting for the incident that will seal her fate as a tragic anti-heroine. Because what for some is an act of violence, for her is an act of love. Mouchette is, therefore, a character who transcends all empathy to generate a host of complex emotions that collide in this work, and in whoever contemplates it.


Direction: Robert Bresson

Script: Robert Bresson

Cinematography: Ghislain Cloquet

Editing: Raymond Lamy

Music: Jean Drejac

Sound: Jacques Carrère, Séverin Frankiel

Cast: Nadine Nortier, Jean-Claude Guilbert, Marie Cardinal, Paul Hebert

Production: Anatole Dauman


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