Asia Argento

Asia Argento | Italy, France | 2014 | 103 min. | V.O Italian subtitled in Spanish and English

Taking autobiographical elements and giving them an imaginative, melodramatic, absurd tone, in Misunderstood Asia Argento draws the portrait of a misunderstood 9-year old girl in Rome in 1984. Her name is Aria and she lives with her egomaniacal parents –he is a bronzed actor and an erotic symbol, she is a seductive concert pianist– and two older stepsisters from both parents’ previous marriages. When her parents separate amidst blows and insults, Aria finds herself more alone than ever. The hostile atmosphere at her school doesn’t help. All she has is her best friend and her black cat Dac. But there are no guarantees for her in this cruel world.


Direction: Asia Argento

Script: Asia Argento, Barbara Alberti

Cinematography: Nicola Pecorini

Editing: Filippo Barbieri

Music: Brian Molko, Asia Argento, James Marlon Magas, Gilles, Weinzaepflen, Justin Pearson, Luke Henshaw, Gabriel Serbian

Sound: Tullio Morganti

Cast: Anna Lou Castoldi, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Gabriel Garko, Gianmarco Tognazzi, Giulia Salerno

Production: Lorenzo Mieli, Mario Gianani

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