Maria Gamboa

Maria Gamboa | Colombia, France | 2014 | 86 min. | V.O Spanish subtitled in English

Mateo, the protagonist, lives with his mother in a violent neighborhood in the Magdalena River Valley, in Colombia. Mateo does his uncle’s dirty work for him: he collects extortion money, and so helps supporthis family, although his mother is unhappy about what he’s doing. His life takes a turn when he is sent by his uncle to infiltrate a local theater group so he can investigate the members’ political activities. There, Mateo discovers the world of acting, and becomes hooked on it. This opens a door to redemption for him. But, let’s not forget, Mateo is in the group as an informer. So he will have to make some difficult decisions. It’s a choice between defying the established hierarchy of the Colombian armed conflict –with all the dangers that entails- and continuing with his newly found vocatio


Direction: María Gamboa

Script: María Gamboa, Adriana Arjona

Cinematography: Diego Jiménez

Editing: Gustavo Vasco, Jacques Comets

Music: Marc Huri

Sound: César Salazar

Cast: Carlos Hernández, Felipe Botero, Miriam ‘pesca’ Gutiérrez, Samuel Lazcano

Production: Daniel García, Maria Fernanda Barrientos

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