Javier Vila

Javier Vila | Spain | 2014 | 97 min. | V.O. Spanish and English subtitled in Spanish and English

Versatile and diverse, flamenco can be thought of and shown in many ways. Here, the director follows closely that “universal” quality that is associated with it now almost by defect, like an advertising label, but doesn’t hide or pervert its nature. It was always “wandering around the world”, as the journalist Miguel Mora says. The Flamenco Festival is the pretext for listening to musicians, critics and programmers talk about that exciting transcultural potential that is revealed to audiences around the world. The best, however, is the beautiful intimacy of some images (journeys, rehearsals, even performances …) which the film gathers under an overwhelming soundtrack that culminates in the amazing voice of Inés Bacán over the final credits at the end of “La curva”, by Israel Galván. Beyond flamenco, flamenco.

Direction: Javier Vila

Script: Virginia Moriche, Javier Vila

Production: Pepe Flores, Javier Vila, Miguel Marín


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