Eduard Solà

Eduard Solà | Spain | 2014 | 73 min. | V.O. Spanish and Catalan subtitled in Spanish and English

Lunático begins as what could be the tribute by a grandson to his grandparents, farmworkers. Solà begins by documenting the life of Eduardo and Rosario, Andalusian immigrants in a rural area of Catalonia, with a past of hard work and poverty, but also of love. The particularity of their story lies in Eduardo’s hobby. In his spare time he’s an inventor. All kinds of crazy objects, whose purpose is “to make life easier”, are stored in the junk room of the grandparents’ house. It is then, when Solà pauses on that aspect, that the film gradually shows its true face. Because the grandfather is planning something in secret, something really big: a rocket to go to the moon with his beloved.


Direction: Eduard Solà

Script: Eduard Solà, Mireia Ubero

Cinematography: Ricard Canyelles, Clara Civit

Editing: Aleix Ventura

Sound: Francesc Clèries, Pau Xandri

Cast: Eduardo Guerrero, Rosario Delgado, Carmen Flores, Adela Ayala, Eduard Solà

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