Tizza Covi Y Rainer Frimmel

Tizza Covi, Rainer Frimmel | Italy, Austria | 2009 | 100 min. | V.O. Italian subtitled in Spanish and English

While she roams the outskirts of Rome searching for her dog Hercules, Patty finds a little girl who has been abandoned. The pivellina is two years old and says her name is “Aia” (for “Asia”). As there is no sign of her parents, Patty decides to take the child back with her to the caravan where she lives with Walter, her partner in life and in work, for both are circus artists. Although they have serious doubts about reporting what’s happened to the police, they soon start to enjoy looking after the delightful Asia. Something similar happens to Tairo, the young son of another family in the area, who becomes the little girl’s inseparable friend. 

Direction: Tizza Covi, Rainer Frimmel

Script: Tizza Covi

Cinematography: Rainer Frimmel

Editing: Tizza Covi

Cast: Patrizia Gerardi, Asia Crippa, Tairo Caroli, Walter Saabel

Production: Rainer Frimmel 

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