Saverio Costanzo

Saverio Costanzo | Italy | 2014 | 109 min. | V.O English subtitled in Spanish

Jude and Mina meet when they are both locked inside the washroom of a Chinese restaurant in New York. This is the start of an intense love which will finally bear fruit when their child is born. That is when, gradually, the romantic story starts to beome a nightmarish horror story. Mina, obsessed with purity, insists on feeding the baby with vegetables she grows on the roof of their apartment building. A decision that she documents with research on nutrition, and which Jude supports without much conviction. But when the child’s life is endangered, it is time to act. Distrust and tricks get in the way of their great love, in an ambivalent story in which it is hard to say who is guilty.


Direction: Saverio Costanzo

Script: Saverio Costanzo

Cinematography: Fabio Cianchetti

Editing: Francesca Calvelli

Music: Nicola Piovani

Sound: Nikolas Zasimczuk

Cast: Adam Driver, Alba Rohrwacher, Roberta Maxwell, Al Roffe

Production: Mario Gianani, Lorenzo Mieli

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