Mariano Agudo

Mariano Agudo Blanco | 2014 | España | 69 min. | V.O. Spanish subtitled in English

The revelation of everyday things –seeing how a tomato is sliced on a kitchen table or how the washing is hung out on a rooftop- grows with the awareness that this gesture is a very difficult conquest of the absurd, the result of a long, collective struggle to rescue from the power grid the leftovers that make it possible to live with dignity: roof, water, light. It is a luxury that a documentary maker has been able to follow the inhabitants of this utopia from Day Zero of his adventure without the disturbing strangeness of the camera being noticed. There is a touching moment in the film when one of the neighbours talks of “the mint revolution”. It seems that here, the filmmakers, like any other neighbour, have called at the house next door to ask, as one asks for a handful of mint or a bit of sugar, for some just, respectful images. 

Direction: Mariano Agudo

Script: Mariano Agudo

Cinematography: Mariano Agudo

Editing: Mariluz Domínguez

Music: Paco Campano

Sound: Dani de Zayas

Production: Miguel Paredes

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