Celine Sciamma

Celine Sciamma | France | 2014 | 112 min. | V.O. French subtitled in Spanish

At only 16, Marieme is living a lifeless existence in her neighbourhood on the outskirts of Paris, without any prospects offered by her studies, oppressed by her parents and a prisoner of the laws set by the young machos at her high school. Until the spark of a girl gang is lit within her, channeling her adolescent identity crisis. Mariame changes her name, her clothes and her hairstyle to be accepted in that new circle, where she will feel the adrenaline rush of friendship, first love and the breaking of adult rules. A necessary step in her transition towards maturity, in which she will pass through several versions of herself until she finally arrives at how she truly is.

Direction: Céline Sciamma

Script: Céline Sciamma

Cinematography: Crystel Fournier

Editing: Julien Lacheray

Music: Para One

Cast: Idrissa Diabaté, Karidja Touré, Tatiana Rojo, Rabah Naït Oufella

Production: Bénédicte Couvreur

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