Veiko Õunpuu

Veiko Õunpuu | Estonia | 2013 | 104 min. | V.O. Estonian subtitled in Spanish and English

Fred, a budding writer, has serious problems in marching to the beat set by the society in which he lives. After being fired from his job on a newspaper for writing an abusive review of The Tree of Life, he learns that his girlfriend is pregnant. This difficult situation only increases his natural tendency to muddle through, and he tries “solutions” that range from running away to becoming a labourer, and culminate in the deceptive glow of the start of his editorial career. With a tone that is as removed from things earthly as its protagonist, and a cinematic use of pop music, Ounpuu draws a portrait that is both human and sardonic of the young cursed artist of our age.


Direction: Veiko Õunpuu

Script: Veiko Õunpuu, Robert Kurvitz

Cinematography: Mart Taniel

Editing: Liis Nimik

Sound: Janne Laine

Cast: Lauri Lagle, Jaanika Arum, Laura Peterson, Peeter Volkonski

Production: Katrin Kissa

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