Benjamin Crotty

Benjamin Crotty | France, Tunisia | 2014 | 65 min. | V.O. French subtitled in Spanish and English

Fort Buchanan is an installation for the dependents of soldiers who are on overseas duty. The days pass in the midst of an indolent sensuality, between longing for those who are far away and the pressing needs of the flesh. That is where Roger arrives with his temperamental adolescent daughter while his Frank is in Djibouti. And that is where their stories evolve exploding when they all go to visit the army base in Africa: that of the girl’s sexual awakening, when she is at the stage of flying the nest, and that of Roger, who will have to survive the end of an era.


Direction: Benjamin Crotty 

Script: Benjamin Crotty

Cinematography: Michael Capron

Editing: Ael Dallier Vega

Music: Ragnar Arni Agustsson

Sound: Gilles Benardeau, Jeremie Vernerey, Olivier Claude

Cast: Andy Gillet, David Baiot, Nancy Lane Kaplan, Iliana Zabeth

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