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Martin Arnold’s work produces the combination of three adjectives that are rarely seentogether: disturbing, comic and beautiful. In his “revenge on film history” (as he himself calls it) he re-appropriates classics to construct one of the most original works of found footage today. On the right hand of Peter Tscherkssky in the patronage of current avant-garde European cinema, Martin Arnold is an essential, indisputable figure in Austrian cinema. 

We open with the “trilogy of compulsive repetition”. The latent repression in Hollywood cinema is reverted in Pièce Touchée (barely 18 frames of The Human Jungle) revealing its buried sexuality; Passage à L'Acte invokes aggressiveness in a film that transforms the children in To Kill a Mockingbird into creatures from hell; and Alone. Life Wastes Andy Hardy moves towards melancholy with Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland, making the latter sing like a being from another galaxy. 

Deanimated “de-animates” a B horror film from the 40s, making its characters disappear one by one. To end, Arnold’s deconstructive impulses turn to Disney: thus, he dismembers Walt’s famous mouse in Shadow Cuts, a pattern that he takes to its limits in Soft Palate, Self Control y Haunted House with disconcerting results.

Also, there is an exhibition of Martin Arnold's works in the CAAC.

Pièce Touchée 

Austria, 1989, 16 min.

Passage à L'Acte 

Austria, 1993, 12 min.

Alone. Life Wastes Andy Hardy 

Austria, 1998, 15 min.


Austria, 2002, 10 minute extract from a total of 60 minutos of loop.

Shadow Cuts 

Austria, 2010, 5 min.

Soft Palate 

Austria, 2010, 3 min.

Self Control 

Austria, 2011, 2 min.

Haunted House  

Austria, 2011, 3 min.

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