Jean-Charles Hue

Jean-Charles Hue | France | 2013 | 94 min. | V.O. French subtitled in Spanish and English

Just a few days before 18-year old Jason’s baptism, his step-brother Fred comes back to the gypsy caravan site, after fifteen years in prison. And although the rite of immersion in the waters will mean the boy’s passage to maturity, Fred jumps the gun, turning Jason’s life around. It all begins when he sends him on a risky but supposedly easy mission: to steal “non-gypsy” copper along with his vigorexic brother and his cousin, a convinced Christian. A night when fatality can be felt in the air, and the rapid, violent events will seriously mark the moment when Jason ceases to be a boy and becomes a man. 


Direction: Jean-Charles Hue 

Script: Jean-Charles Hue, Salvatore Lista 

Cinematography: Jonathan Ricquebourg 

Editing: Isabelle Proust 

Músic: Vincent-Marie Bouvot 

Sound: Antoine Bailly

Cast: Jason François, Mickael Dauber, Frédéric Dorkel, Moïse Dorkel

Production: Thierry Lounas 

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