Daniel V. Villamediana

Daniel V. Villamediana | Spain | 2014 | 64 min. | V.O. Spanish subtitled in English

The discovery of a book (marked as second hand), sandwiched between the walls of Villamediana’s family home in a town in Castile, gives free rein to the bottomless pit of associations that make up this Cábala caníbal. That possible Zohar by Mosé de León, an essential book in the Jewish Cabbala, speaks not only about the director’s family history, but about the Inquisition, the exodus and the converted Jews, and of the underground currents in Spanish culture. Intertwined with a wealth of references that always lead back to the image, and to cinema, we discover how cinema was already prefigured even in the remotest times.


Direction: Daniel V. Villamediana

Collaboration: Madalina Stefan

Script: Daniel V. Villamediana

Cinematography: Daniel V. Villamediana 

Editing: Daniel V. Villamediana

Music: La reverencia, Divina Mysteria

Sound: Alejandro Castillo

Production: David Epiney y Luis Miñarro

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