Pascale Ferran

Pascale Ferran | France | 2014 | 128 min. | V.O French and English subtitled in Spanish and English

A Silicon Valley executive lands in Paris on a business trip, in transit between New York and Dubai. And in the insipid setting of a hotel near the airport, he decides to turn his life around completely, suddenly abandoning everything that oppresses and stifles him. In parallel we see the life of Audrey, a university student from the provinces who makes a living as a maid in that same hotel. She too will find there an unusual escape route in order to fly away from her exhausting routine. Two sides –from the most opulent to the most precarious- of the same coin: the imperious need to put an end to alienation and, finally, to start living.


Direction: Pascale Ferran

Script: Pascale Ferran, Guillaume Bréaud

Cinematography: Julien Hirsch

Editing: Mathilde Muyard    

Music: Béatrice Thiriet

Sound: Jean-Jacques Ferran, Nicolas Moreau

Cast: Josh Charles, Anaïs Demoustier, Roschdy Zem, Camélia Jordana    

Production: Denis Freyd


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