Ask Hasselbalch

Ask Hasselbalch | Denmark | 2013 | 77 min. | V.O. Spanish

Just as Peter Parker became Spiderman after a spider bite, Pelle, 12, develops super ant powers when he’s bitten by an ant. And as a great power bring with it great responsibility, Pelle has got no choice but to create a secret identity with the help of his nerdy friend, Wilhelm. But, obviously, every superhero has his nemesis, and Antboy won’t be able to avoid that either. He has to accept the challenge of his supervillain: The Flea. And also the challenge of being a superhero who goes to school and has to tackle the problems of being twelve years old, and there are quite a lot of those.


Direction: Ask Hasselbalch

Script: Anders Ølholm

Cinematography: Niels Reedtz Johansen

Editing: My Thordal, Peter Brandt

Music: Peter Peter

Sound: Thomas Huus, Bo Asdal

Cast: Oscar Dietz, Nicolas Bro, Samuel Ting Graf, Amalie Kruse Jensen, Cecilie Alstrup Tarp

Production: Eva Jakobsen, Lea Løbger, Birgitte Hald


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