Oksana Bychkova

Oksana Bychkova | Russia | 2014 | 107 min. | V.O. Russian subtitled in Spanish and English

This film begins on an ordinary day in an ordinary year, but it isn’t ordinary for the young Muscovite couple Yegor and Zhenya, for whom it will be, unknown to them, the beginning of the end. Yegor makes a living driving an illegal taxi, while Zhenya has just started work experience as a graphic designer. Their initial passion and intimacy gradually changes, slowly but surely, over the course of the year that we see: the accumulation of misunderstandings and differences in interests, opinions and dreams pile up implacably, until they form a mountain which they are forced to tackle: either by fighting for a marriage that is falling apart or by separating. In the end, a year later, we see the outcome and consequences of this story.


Direction: Oxana Bychkova

Script: Natalya Meshchaninova, Lubov Mulmenko

Cinematography: Kirill Bobrov

Editing: Ivan Lebedev  

Sound: Vladimir Golovnitsky

Cast: Nadya Lumpova, Alexey Filimonov

Production: Mikhail Rozentsveyg, Arnold Tatarintsev, Nikolay Borodachev, Vasiliy Shilnikov

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