Ion de Sosa

Ion de Sosa | Spain, Germany | 2014 | 60 min. | V.O. Spanish subtitled in English

After his disarming, unreserved enthusiasm for the intimate diary, but without turning his back on what he achieved, Ion de Sosa (True Love) now moves into a new, disconcerting terrain. In the kind of post-apocalyptic setting offered by Benidorm, a man in a suit dispassionately kills everyone to left and right. In this setting, he is joined by a young couple and their daughter, a gay man and the suited man’s pet, interspersed with merciless random portraits of people in their homes.This random game gradually constructs a fascinating parallel world and a film that goes beyond genres (cine noir, science fiction, surrealist comedy, documentary and diary) to build an indescribable artefact in which perplexity and defamiliarization go hand in hand with outbursts of filmic beauty and profound intimacy.


Direction: Ion de Sosa

Script: Ion de Sosa, Jorge Gil Munarriz, Chema García Ibarra

Cinematography: Ion de Sosa

Editing: Sergio Jiménez

Sound: Manolo Marín, Jorge Alarcón

Cast: Manolo Marín, Moisés Richart, Marta Bassols, Coque Sánchez

Production: Ion de Sosa, Karstern Matern, Luis Ferrón and Luis López Carrasco



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