Pilar Monsell

Pilar Monsell | Spain | 2014 | 66 min. | V.O. Spanish subtitled in English

Various volumes of personal memories, photographs and Super 8 films make up a large part of Africa 815, a film in which Pilar Monsell investigates an extensive paternal archive, seeking to understand what lies beneath a life devoted to the pursuit of a lost paradise. The one Manuel Monsell knew in the 60s, when his dream of travelling to Africa became reality when he was sent to an army base in the Sahara. There he would taste the honey of love with young Arabs. An indelible ideal that would mark his life even after he founded his own family. In her film, the director faces the man in the present with the records of his past, a complex task which also, in some way, calls into play her own identity and history.


Direction: Pilar Monsell

Script: Pilar Monsell

Cinematography: Pilar Monsell

Editing: Pilar Monsell

Music: Frédéric Chopin y Paul Vidal

Sound: Clara Sanz, Rafael Álvarez and Jonathan Darch

Production: Rita Dessinger

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