Julian Radlmaier

Julian Radlmaier | Germany | 2014 | 63 min. | V.O. German, Georgian subtitled in Spanish and English

Three Georgian employees of a cleaning company land in a mansion in East Germany where an exhibition of the owner’s art collection is to be opened. The trio, who show their resistance to exploitation by their capitalist oppressors by taking furtive siestas and passing the buck, are confined to the servants’ room in the attic during the reception. Idle time in which each one will recount his particular proletarian winter’s tale, while they decide to cross the ultimate barrier in the class struggle to steal food from the splendid buffet at the party downstairs. Meanwhile, a tenacious cloud worms its way into the house.

Direction: Julian Radlmaier

Script: Julian Radlmaier

Cinematography: Markus Koob

Editing: Julian Radlmaier

Sound: Stephan Franz

Cast: Natia Bakhtadze, Sandro Koberidze, Ilia Korkashvili, Lars Rudolph

Production: Kirill Krasovskiy

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